The Territory

Beauty and Emotions dream


When it comes to food and wine production, we can not help but dedicate a portion of our time to our territory. A winery, a agritourism and even a farm are not a factory made of machines that work the cold metal.

There is life inside our glasses and dishes that can only be born from the respect and love that the farmers have for the land in which they live.

This is why Valpolicella occupies a place of honour on our site with its history and geological conformation.

Two aspects that are inextricably linked to each other, going back in time to the Jurassic and, since its birth, has welcomed the people who have inhabited it with its generosity and the fruits provided.

This is where its name comes from, Valpolicella precisely, whose origin has several theories: “valley rich in fruits”, “splendid” and many more to confirm what we already knew, that it is a beautiful place to live.

A multi-faceted land that includes every Italic strip, from the mountainous area of the Lessini Mountains with their woods and shadows that they offer on hot summer days, to the hilly area that houses most of the vineyards that originate the wines that we all know.And speaking of vine, this is also well rooted in the history of this area, the system of valleys of Valpolicella from time immemorial hears the “grida” during the period of harvest and the “ribollir de’ tini”.

This tradition was born almost 3000 years ago with the people of the seventh century BC who began to experience the sweetness of the grapes produced by this land. A tradition that has shaped history, living the entire path of change of our country, with a prominent place in the Renaissance and towards people like the Emperor Barbarossa.
What remains today of all of this history is the wines that it has produced, after centuries of slow, constant and natural refinement. Just as coal, which with the right pressure becomes diamond, incomplete products destined to the delight of farmers have become increasingly good, reaching the tables all over the world.
And today the land of vines, olive trees and cherry trees, located between Lake Garda and Verona, is the land of wines like Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore, Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto.
Because in a glass there is always more than just fermented grapes: there is passion, history and culture.

Classic Vapolicella